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Niagara Conservation Toilets in the Coachella Valley

Save on Water Bills with Low-Flow Toilets

Did you know that the average person uses over three gallons of water per flush and up to 18 gallons daily? In fact, studies show that 24% of your water bills are due to toilet flushes. If you want to save water and ultimately pay less for utility bills, consider installing low-flow toilets in your home or commercial space. KC’s 23 1/2 Hour Plumbing is a proud dealer of low-flow toilets from Niagara Conservation. Upgrading to a Niagara Conservation toilet can reduce water consumption and help you save on utility bills.

Niagara is an industry leader in water conservation. Their cutting-edge technology and ultra-high-efficiency toilets, such as the Stealth, allows the user to choose between flush levels, which further helps control water usage.

Niagara toilets are an eco-friendly addition to any home or office with features such as:

  • Ultra-high-efficiency flush
  • Uses just 0.8 gallons per flush (GPF)
  • Extremely quiet flush
  • EPA WaterSense labeled
  • White vitreous china, elongated front, 12” rough-in
  • One flush thoroughly evacuates the bowl every time—no double flushing

A range of water-saving products are available. Examples of the Niagara toilet you can have installed include:

  • Nano® (Single/Dual Flush) – Consumes as little as 0.5 gallons per flush and uses vacuum assist technology with an air transfer system.
  • Phantom® (Single Flush) – An elongated model that delivers an effective flush that is both quiet and powerful thanks to Stealth® Technology.
  • One Piece (Single Flush) – A sleek looking toilet with no unsightly contours; its skirted sides conceal the trapway system for a more modern look.
  • The Original (Single/Dual Flush) – Flapperless toilets that use 0.8 or 0.5/0.95 gallons per flush and are available in round or elongated bowl shapes and 10- or 12-inch rough-in.
  • The Original (Side Handle) – A two-piece flapperless toilet that comes in elongated and round versions for tight spaces.
  • The Original (Rear Outlet) – An elongated 4-inch rough-in toilet with a flush rate of 0.95 gallons per minute and rear outlet for wall discharge plumbing.
  • Sentinel (Side Handle) – Featuring a 1.28 gallons per flush rate, it is available in elongated/round versions that use tip-bucket technology for quiet flushes.

Benefits of Low-Flow Toilets

Whether it’s time to replace your old toilet or you are looking to upgrade as part of a bathroom remodel, KC’s 23 1/2 Hour Plumbing can help you find and install the right low-flow toilets for your home. Our skilled plumbers recommend only products that we believe in, and Niagara Conservation is one of those. Niagara products are plumbing supplies we don’t just endorse but also have in our own homes.

Enjoy the following benefits when you install Niagara Conservation toilets:

  • Reduce annual water consumption by up to 60%
  • Save up to 13,000 gallons of water in a year
  • May qualify you for toilet rebates and other tax credits

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