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BioSmart-Powder in the Coachella Valley

All-Natural Drain Maintenance Solution

At KC’s 23 1/2 Hour Plumbing, we know how frustrating it is when your drains are clogged. It can be tempting to just handle the problem yourself, after all, there’s a number of available drain chemicals on the market. However, while these over the counter drain cleaners are effective in eliminating stubborn clogs, they can also be harmful to your plumbing system and should be avoided. We recommend BioSmart, instead. This highly effective cleaner is an all-natural solution for clogged drains that is plumbing and environmentally-friendly as well. KC’s 23 1/2 Hour Plumbing is proud to be an official dealer of this innovative drain maintenance product.

If you wish to protect your home’s plumbing as well as get rid of stubborn clogs, contact
our Cochella Valley drain specialists
today and ask about BioSmart.

What Is BioSmart?

BioSmart is 100% natural and composed of vegetable microbes, as well as good bacteria and enzymes which feed on organic waste like fats, oil, grease, and eat away the buildup of hair and more.

Some of the benefits of using BioSmart include:

  • It is non-toxic and safe for your children or pets
  • Can be stored in your home worry-free Environmentally-friendly
  • Does not damage sink or other plumbing fixtures
  • Economical, as a little goes a long way

As your trusted drain specialists in Palm Springs, KC’s 23 1/2 Hour Plumbing is dedicated to helping you find the safest and most effective products for your home plumbing. Get in touch with us today to experience the wonders BioSmart can do for your drains, grease traps, and even your septic system. We can even include this in your annual plumbing maintenance so you won’t have to worry about clogged drains again.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to ask our highly skilled plumbers.
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