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Transforming Your Dream Bathroom into Reality

The humble bathroom is probably the most important (and most used) place in your home. This also means that the bathroom makeover is one of the most common renovation projects for homeowners. After all, keeping it in great shape isn’t just about looks; it’s about keeping your family happy and healthy, too!

That’s why you can’t just go DIY on your dream bathroom. Even seemingly simple bathroom remodels can quickly turn complex, especially when any type of plumbing is involved.

Instead, if you want to save time, money, and a lot of effort—now and into the future—you need to do your research and choose a plumber who will really listen to your needs—who can put your ideas together and bring your dream bathroom to life.

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Our Bathroom Remodeling Services

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If it’s your first time remodeling a bathroom, the sheer amount of things you need to consider can be overwhelming. From tubs and showers to types of heating and even all the smaller faucets, fixtures, and fittings—there are so many decisions to make and so many ways they can go together.

From design to selection to installation, at KC’s 23 ½ Hour Plumbing we’ll help you every step of the way.

Showers and Tubs

The shower is often the focal point for the entire bathroom, so you want to make sure that it provides total comfort and ease for everyone using it. That means having luxurious flow and pressure, without putting a strain on your water bill, and also designing a space accessible to all.

Apart from the layout and installation of all necessary shower components, our shower remodel services in Coachella Valley also include tub to shower conversions for barrier-free washing, as well as bathtub installation.


Besides the aesthetic, the two most important aspects of toilets are their water usage and their drainage. Choosing the right unit for your family’s needs is only the first step—you’ll also need to make sure it’s matched with the right pipe configuration and installed professionally to avoid constant blockages. Our team has expertise in the full range of toilet services and will guide you through the process.

Water Heaters

As it’s often located outside the bathroom, many people overlook their water heater, which is a critical aspect of the bathroom experience. As bathroom renovations often also coincide with a change in bathroom usage and an increased or reduced need for capacity, this is an excellent opportunity to consider whether your water heater is adequate for you and your family.

Highly experienced at fitting and maintaining tank and tankless water heaters for a wide range of situations, we can provide advice on whether your water heater needs an upgrade along with your bathroom.

Drains and Repiping

Blockages and burst pipes will make any perfect bathroom completely unusable. While they might seem to come out of nowhere, though, you can prevent these disasters from ever happening. All you need to do is lay down a solid foundation to begin with!

That means configuring and installing the correct drains for your needs, and replacing old piping with high-quality PVC or copper wherever necessary. With our expertise, you’ll be able to relax and not have to worry about any unexpected problems or sudden bathroom repairs.

Eco-Friendly Options

Whether you’re trying to save the planet or just a few dollars, there are some amazing water savings to be found in the bathroom. Working with customers all across the Coachella Valley— including Palm Desert, Indio, Palm Springs, La Quinta, and beyond—and partnering with suppliers of high-grade water-saving fixtures and appliances, we’re proud to try to make a little difference out here in the desert. Come to us to discuss your eco-friendly, cost-effective bathroom remodeling options!

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Why Choose Us for Your Bathroom Remodel?

There are three main reasons why KC’s 23 ½ Hour Plumbing is the perfect partner for the perfect bathroom upgrade.

First, we listen to you. We follow a collaborative approach in all our plumbing work, and we take the time to sit down with you to discuss your vision, specific needs, and, of course, your budget. We know that your ideas come first!

Second, we respect your home and your time. Our friendly team is honest and reliable and will do everything it takes to keep disruptions to a minimum. We understand what it’s like to love your home, and we’ll treat it just like we would our own.

Finally, KC’s 23 ½ Hour Plumbing has been proudly serving the Coachella Valley community for decades. In that time, we’ve helped residents in Palm Springs and Cathedral City, and everywhere in between, achieve their dream bathroom renovation. We’ve got considerable experience with this unique environment and know exactly what it takes to build a bathroom that works.

To discuss your designs with our team and get a free quote on our bathroom remodeling services, call us at (760) 327-8718 today!

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