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At KC's 23 1/2Hour Plumbing, we always encourage our customers to contact us with their plumbing questions. There are several common questions that we are often asked. For your convenience, the answers to these questions can be found on this page. We've also included some information about our company so you'll also know what you can expect from us.

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Today’s hot water heaters come pre-set from the manufacturer at 120°F. Older hot water heater models can be set at medium. In gas models, the thermostat dial is usually located on the front of the gas valve. On electric models, the thermostats are generally found behind the panels on the side of the tank. The temperature can be adjusted. Ideally, you want the temperature to be hot enough to minimize bacteria growth, but not hot enough to provide a serious safety hazard. Just keep in mind that the electricity should always be turned off prior to performing any water heater maintenance to prevent shock.

The pressure relief valve should be tested regularly and replaced as needed. The sediments should be flushed out yearly. A functioning anode prevents the water heater from rusting. We recommend having the anode checked once every two years.

Roots tend to grow in the direction of moisture. Over time, the roots can infiltrate the drain line and fill the pipe. The roots then collect toilet tissue and other debris, eventually causing a complete blockage. If allowed to continue to grow, the roots can increase pressure at the joint, breaking the pipe.

Because the drain line runs underground, it can be difficult to locate the source of the problem. Our plumbing technicians use state of the art equipment, including inline drain cameras to view the inside of the drain line and identify the specific area causing the trouble. This allows us to find and repair your drain problem without damaging your property.

Mineral deposits collect on shower heads and faucets, causing the white color.

To get rid of mineral deposits:

  • Pour a cup of vinegar into a plastic bag
  • Secure the bag over the shower head with a twist tie
  • Allow it to soak overnight
  • Scrub the deposits with a toothbrush.

Odors result from a buildup of food debris. Put ice cubes and lemon peels in the disposal and run for 30 seconds, add liquid detergent while the disposal is running. Turn off the garbage disposal and allow the cold water to run for 30 seconds longer to rinse the disposal.

This problem can be caused by the lack of an air cushion. To solve the problem, turn off the water supply at the main valve. Turn it on again and make sure all faucets are shut.

We provide reliable plumbing installation and repair in Palm Springs, Indio, Palm Desert, Thousand Oaks, Cathedral City, La Quinta, and throughout Riverside County and the Coachella Valley.

We require months or years of rigorous training before our plumbers are allowed to complete plumbing repairs or installations on their own. We are a licensed plumbing contractor with a commitment to excellence. Our technicians attend regular technical education and training programs to stay updated on all new and emerging technologies in our industry.

In addition to professional plumbing training, our technicians receive training in communications, sales, marketing, and finance management. Our technicians are drug-free, neat in appearance, mindful of their speech, and always respectful of your property.

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Our fully equipped trucks are packed with state of the art tools and ready to handle your plumbing needs.

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